The BLESSING of the LORD Makes Rich and He Adds No Sorrow With It

by Kenneth Copeland

So…This may come off as me just promoting something but this is a book that really had a profound impact on me. 

I read it a while back and I have to say: THIS BOOK IS AWESOME. It’s a definite must read. It’s really eye opening and gives you so much hope and shows you just what’s available to you as a Christian. The main focus is on understanding and realizing the BLESSING God has for us. Kenneth Copeland takes us from Genesis, from the initial BLESSING and its significance, to what the BLESSING means for us because of Christ. And how to apply the BLESSING in our everyday lives.

There are some great anecdotes that are both really funny and at the same time reveal how amazing God is. He also does explain why he always capitalizes BLESSING just in case you were wondering. I find myself falling into the same habit now a days.

Oh and one of the things that blew my mind in this book: The Ten Commandments. I’ve never ever thought about them in the way Kenneth Copeland explains them. It was like opening up a present from God. Like wow.

If you ever happen to come by it, read it.