Lost in Translation

How can I convey this idea? How can I make you understand?

How can I capture all the subtleties, and nuances,

the relationship between this idea and another, their impact on each other?

This idea that seems so vast and limitless in my mind. How can I convey it to you?

Would I need a thousand words? Perhaps a thousand words in a thousand languages? Would that be enough? 

I’ll try regardless and see how it goes.

Inhale and exhale, ready to begin. I start off slow, clear and concise. Yes this is it. This is going well.

But suddenly I find myself slipping. I start grasping for words.

I stumble and fall, lost.  Frustration and panic.

Desperation creeps in.

What was I trying to convey? What was the point for all these words? Can we take them all away?  Can we start from the beginning?

Oh yes, this idea.

Or maybe not.

Maybe it wasn’t this idea that I was trying to convey. Maybe it wasn’t this idea that I wanted you to understand.

I was trying to be honest, objective, and clear. To make a path with my words, from my heart to yours. Because all I really wanted

Was to be understood by you. 


A little something I wrote about a feeling I’ve gotten more than once. Not exactly sure what else to say about it and not exactly sure if this will be the final version but this is it for now :]