Out Of Everything Jesus Could Have Told Us About God, He Said This:



Matthew 11:29

Did you know Jesus only described Himself one time in the Bible? I mean, Jesus said a lot of stuff about Himself as far as who He was and what He came to do, but He only described His own character one time in all of Scripture. Do you remember what He said? It might surprise you. Before I tell you what it was, think for a second about this: If you were to randomly ask people on the street to describe God, what kinds of words would they use? Some folks might say that God is loving while others might call Him severe or judgmental. Some folks might say God is unpredictable while others might just point out His attributes and call Him ‘all-knowing’ or ‘outside of time.’ The Apostle Paul tells us that Jesus was the “visible expression of the invisible God.” In other words, if you want to know what God is like, you simply need to watch Jesus live His life. When Jesus described Himself that one time, He said, “I am gentle and humble in heart.” The most important thing Jesus wanted us to know about the heart of God is that He is gentle. The God who crafted the universe by the power of His word is gentle. It’s a word that means ‘sweet.’ It was a word used of winds that were warm, not cold and biting. It was used of wine and medicine that wasn’t bitter but would go down easy. God is gentle. You can approach Him. You can go to Him without being afraid. Out of all the things Jesus could have told us about the heart of God, He wants us to know that He’s sweet, not harsh.

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